Did you know?…in Revit….


Some less known facts about Revit that may be interesting…

Q1. What is the shortest way to input only inches value (e.g. 10”) in Revit?

A. Hit feet symbol 2 times instead of holding shift + inches symbol.

(This happens only in Revit…not in AutoCAD!)



Q2. No Quick Calc like CAD?

A. No but input parameters in commands or Properties can support calculations.

Start with = sign & put the formula with mathematical operators.

Q3. Keyboardcalc2 Shortcut to close (line sketches, walls etc. )to the starting point?

wall close


Q4. Wall types are set with different default Unconnected heights?
Wall Type Default Unconnected Height
Basic Exterior, Generic , Curtain & Stacked Walls 20’ or 8000mm
Interior Partition Walls 10’ or 4000mm
Foundation Wall -12’ or -4000mm Base offset to Level where drawn
Retaining Wall 6’ or 2000mm

Q5. The only wall type that is not Room Bounding by default? 

A.Retaining walls

Q6. Convert Stacked walls to independent walls ?

A. Right click the stacked wall…Select Break Up to convert them to independent walls