Create Fill Patterns: Make a Model Pattern to Drafting pattern

Revit has Two types of Fill Patterns: Drafting & Model. Like AutoCAD, Revit too has same method of Definition to create Patterns, hence the Revit Fill Patterns can be found in Program files/Autodesk/ Revit Architecture 2014/ Data.. which has both Metric & Imperial Revit.Pat files.

Revit Model Fill Pattern-1

If we want a Model Pattern to be available as Drafting Pattern, typically in some cases like CutPattern does not allow model patterns, its disabled as shown below: Then follow this procedure to create a new Drafting Pattern that has the same fill pattern as the Model one.Revit Model Fill Pattern


In this Example I will take Brick Pattern available in Model but not as Drafting.

1. Open the Revit.Pat file or Revit Metric.Pat file based on the units you are working.

2. Search for the Pattern name Brick, Copy the Definition completely & paste to a new notepad fileRevit Model Fill Pattern-21



4. Save the file as giving the same name as that of the pattern here.. Brick.Pat under types of file set as All FilesRevit Model Fill Pattern-31


5. Now open Revit … Manage… Additional Settings….Fill pattern…Select Drafting pattern….New…..choose custom…import….select the Brick.Pat file….set the import scale till you see a preview correctly…once imported this cannot be changed, you can only re import & change.

Revit Model Fill Pattern-5


6. This will henceforth be a drafting pattern that can be selected as cutpattern in material Library.

Note: Type=Model or Drafting in the definition defines the type of Pattern.




Doors & Windows to attach to Curtain Walls?

Do you want to attach the Door family to the normal Curtain Walls ? Well under normal circumstances in does not allow… so here’s another method to get our result:

1. Adjust the spacing of the Curtain panel to accommodate the Opening size by adding or removing the Grids & Mullions.

2. Create a Basic Wall type of the Thickness & Material of Glass

.Eg Type name :Wall Glass

3. Select the Curtain Panel where you want the door to be inserted.

4. Replace the Panel with the above created Wall type (Wall Glass)

5.  Now we can insert the Doors from the Door Family Category to the Curtain Wall!!

1Revit Architecture-Doors in Curtain wall-2Revit Architecture-Doors in Curtain wall-3Revit Architecture-Doors in Curtain wall-4Revit Architecture-Doors in Curtain wall-5

Export Revit to max with CAD format

One of the easiest way to have a good control over the Revit elements in Max to render is the simple Export to CAD Formats ….DWG option.You will find this option better than the FBX option if you are a VRay rendering. FBX is made for the mental ray renderer hence the materials that support this format does’t support Vray.

NOTE: While exporting to DWG format:

1. Be in 3D view

2. In Export setup, choose Solids & ACIS solids to have a better control of the model in the Max file.This will export the Revit elements  By Category as single solilds, Eg Window frames in one layer, Window Glass in another layer etc.export


3. You can also Link Revit & Max model using File link Manager in Max. This updates any changes in Revit which has to be exported again as dwg of same filename.