Autocad How To Change Linetype Scale

LTS is the command to change the Autocad Linetype Scale globally. If we change this value, all Linetypes in the drawing gets updated together.

Autocad How To Change Linetype Scale on only one object and keep other Linetypes in same scale?

* Just select the object to which you want to change the Linetype scale

* Go to its properties(Cntrl +1), select the Linetype Scale and change the value…This will change the scale only for the selected objects & other Linetypes will remain same.


Autocad Plot Scale


Autocad Plot scale : Here’s another Autocad Tip related to Autocad Plot Scale that’s most important to understand because that’s where most of them get confused with when plotting the drawing.

A common grouse I hear from students ..the plot preview is too small for the sheet size, else not fitting into the sheet.

Problem: Plot scale given is correct but drawing not fitting rightly…..

AutoCAD Plot Scales-2 AutoCAD Plot Scales-3

Solution: If the drawing units is in Meters , then while choosing plot scales with respect to the Drawing sheet sizes, here’s the what you need to do :

Divide the required plot scale by 1000. Eg 1:20 is entered as1mm is to 0.02 units.

AutoCAD Plot Scales-1


When Drawing is In Millimeters, the plot scales are very clear, Eg. I want to plot in 1:50 scale, hence in plot dialog box I enter 1mm=50 units as shown

AutoCAD Plot Scales