Month: October 2014

revit stair by component: Cut mark Type

Revit Stair by component has this feature of controlling the cut style type properties like angle of the cut, zig zag or curved line break line, which is not available for the Stair by sketch option.

Select the Stair part, go to type properties and select cut mark type to make changes…

Revit Stair by Component

Revit Stair by Component

SDS/2 Connect available for Revit 2015

The SDS/2 Add in for Revit 2015 is now available. Engineers working on Revit Structures can now seamlessly do the steelwork design to fabrication by collaborating  SDS/2 into Revit 2015. A free30 day trial is also available for the beginners to learn & explore the capabilities.

The add-in in Revit Structures helps Structural engineers, fabricators to become a part of the BIM workflow. A must try for the Steel connection details.

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