Revit Wall Wrapping: Role of Wall closure

The Wrapping of Finishes in walls is controlled in the Edit type properties of the wall. Most of users would have been familiar with this. But to get the control over the distance of wrapping as desired,¬†we also require to know the ‘Wall Closure’ Property in the Window or Door family which is not very familiar to all the users.

Here’s a brief explanation that makes us understand how the reference planes in the Window family can control the wrapping properties of wall finishes.

1. Place a Wall with Exterior & Interior finish and place a Window component.

2. Check the Wall ..Edit Type properties.. Structure- Edit. There are options to control the wrapping at Inserts & Ends of walls

3. Select the Window family & Edit family. Select the reference plane called as closure. Check the properties of this reference plane.

4.These are the various wrapping options in the Wall Structure Edit properties that depend on the position of the reference plane called closure:

Revit Wall Wrapping: Role of Wall closure

Revit Wall wrapping-1

Revit Wall wrapping-2











Revit Wall wrapping-3








Revit Wall wrapping-4