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Aruna Gopal is a Civil Engineer , worked as a Structural designer , tumbled on AutoCAD R10 in 1991 & since then loves working on various applications like CAD, 3dsMax,Revit, Photoshop, Adobe premiere etc.Trained a host of students & professionals on Autodesk Products. Worked on 3d visualization projects for well known firms. Presently working as faculty in M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Architecture department .

Parametric modeling with 3dsMax-Just Modifiers


Parametric Modelling with 3dsMax on 30th March at SOA, RIT

It’s time for yet another Workshop, but this time it’s for Inspirit -the design fest of School of Architecture, RIT. ‘Parametic Modeling with 3dsMax- with only Modifiers ‘ This brief workshop will explore the modeling capabilities of 3dsMax that controls the geometry to give interesting shapes and forms and thus can be closely related to Parametric modeling similar to computational designs. A helpful tool to make your design interesting quickly without much fuss on mathematical logics.

Revit to Lumion

Rendering on Revit has been always challenging for many of my students as applying materials to objects in Revit is not as simple as the paint bucket tool of SketchUp. So I see many opting other methods of rendering or choosing to work on another platform altogether. One such popular platform for rendering and animation is Lumion , among the students especially as it’s easy to use, quick to render, large library of foliage and other components, handles large area with ease, adds realism easily.

The struggle of doing all that’s mentioned above in 3dsMax or Maya is saved when Lumion is used. All that camera paths, rendering frame by frame overnight, having to depend on 3rd party plugins for trees and people like RPC, made these applications fit for professionals only, but Lumion has won the hearts of millions with its ease of use and realistic scenes that makes the presentations appealing.

Revit to Lumion is the way to go for rendering without stress. The plugin to export to Lumion is available here. 

More on it next post

AutoCAD Mobile App – Keep drawings Alive!

AutoCAD Mobile App:

Working on your AutoCAD drawings need not keep you locked to your desktop! AutoCAD is across all platforms, be it your mobile or iPad or any anodroid based tablet. Just download the app and use it for viewing, editing, sharing and collaborating with your peers seamlessly. An easy to use app that makes your work more productive and interactive!

Ideal for consultants working on the go at fields, sites etc , saves paper and gives instant design feed connecting team members from all locations.

Go and get the App if you haven’t done so and be connected any place anywhere you go Keep drawings Alive!

AutoCAD mobile

International Day for Disaster Reduction at SOA, RIT on Oct 13th 2017

International day for disaster reduction

Ar.Ulhas Rane -Guest Lecture on Disaster Management

International day for disaster reduction

Panel presentation- On Oct 13th 2017

On Oct 13th 2017, Students of 7th semester B.Arch from School of Architecture, RIT came together to celebrate International Day for disaster reduction. I organized the event as these students learn Disaster Management as a subject in their curriculum, hence it would be apt to be aware of importance of this day.

The event was started with a Guest lecture from Ar. Ulhas Rane , who is the director of Envirodesigners Pvt Ltd and also an educator and researcher. His works on Disaster hit areas of Latur, Bhuj and Tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu was inspiring. He emphasized the need to respond to disasters by individuals not only as architects or engineers but as a responsible and compassionate human.

This was followed by panel presentations by the students on topics related to flood management and earthquake relief which was overviewed by Ar Ulhas Rane. I thank all the participants who made the event successful.




International day for disaster reduction

Panels-Oct 13 2017

3dsMax Workshop at School of Architecture, RIT


3dsmax workshop at SOA, RIT

The School of Architecture, RIT Bangalore hosted the 5 day Workshop ‘Visualization with 3dsMax’ from 7th to 11th Aug 2017.


Faculty experts:

Er. Aruna Gopal for 3dsMax

Ar. Karishma Susan and Guest speaker Ar.Misha B for tips on presentation skills.

The small group of enthusiastic students were made to go through quick basic modelling techniques with emphasis on creating organic shapes and skins of buildings using 3dsMax.

This was followed by rendering techniques and post processing tips and tricks to create rendered plans, sections and elevations including tips on creating Portfolios.

Thanks to the entire team that made it possible to make this workshop a success. Looking forward to seeing great designs come alive on 3dsMax by the attendees. Good luck to all. 


AutoCAD Linetype scale variations

AutoCAD Lintetype Scale

AutoCAD Lintetype Scale






Does your Autocad Linetype scale vary in Model space and Layout space?

If your Linetype (eg Hidden type), is looking correct in Model space as seen above in first picture, but is not showing up in the layout space for any viewport scale(second pic), then follow these steps to resolve this issue.

  • Set MSLTSCALE = 1
  • Set PSLTSCALE =0
  • LTSCALE =1(Do not change this)
  • Make sure you give the LTscale values in the properties box for the selected objects with linetype.
  • Go to model space and regenerate.
  • Best practice is to keep the Modelspace scale as 1:1

    AutoCAD Lintetype Scale

Doing this setting will retain the Linetype Scale in Layout space viewports irrespective of  any viewport scale given




Revit Live – Autodesk Live Viewer

Revit Live 

Get Ready to feel the Revit files Live!

Revit Live is an automated data presentation in the cloud. It can take you through the model in a more realistic environment with ease.

Supports virtual reality environment

The much awaited feature of Animated objects!! Doors open! characters animate!

Make adjustments to lighting and Shadows

Stylize the renders for interesting presentations

Use Autodesk Live Viewer to visualize the interactive Revit Live designs on your ipads.

To learn more watch the videos here



Enscape: Realtime 3D walkthroughs with live integration in Autodesk® Revit®

Enscape™ is the world’s only VR and real-time rendering plugin for Revit.

Hassles of collaborating and exporting Revit files into other rendering tools and losing the updates and changes, long rendering hours can now be overcome using Enscape that lets you get the following advantages over rendering on Lumion or 3dsMax or cloud:

  • Real-time walkthrough 
  • Live link to RevitUnlike other renderers the changes in Revit are directly visible in Enscape
  • Direct integration – Keep your tools and use Enscape through the Revit toolbar
  • Standalone export – Create an .exe file from your project that runs without Revit
  • Effortless usage –  Rendering with one click
  • Virtual Reality (VR) – Oculus Rift support with one click

For more information on this tool click here

Free trial available. Nice rendering and walkthrough options making Revit files more lively and beautiful.

Enscape for Revit Live renders and walkthroughs