Revit Technology Conference(RTC) in Asia!

30-09-2014 21-48-43Revit Technology Conference (RTC) is expected to be held in Asia during October or November 2015.

RTC is a community that caters to the BIM Technology in the AEC industry. An educational & Networking event run ‘By Users For Users’

The large number of Revit users in Asian countries can benefit by this popular conference. So Asian community followers of BIM technology keep a watch here to know more about this.  RTC Asia.


EQ Display in Revit

The EQ Display in Revit Dimensions have been their ever since but to have them only on Two desired ends with the center dimension being different is also possible. This feature is useful in many ways. To get this ,

  eq dis

  1. Put the continuous dimensions as shown in figure
  2. Put the desired dimensions on both ends that are similar
  3. Right click on one end dimension as marked in the figure & put on Equal Display, the other end dimension which is also of same length, will change to EQ Display.
  4. Thus it is possible to maintain EQ display only at desired place & change the middle dimension accordingly
  5. Dim EQ


Selection options in Revit 2014

Revit 2014-Select options


Objects that are pinned manually or Automatically(Like the Curtain panels in Storefront wall type) do not get selected if the above shown selection tools: Select Pinned objects is showing ‘x’ sign. Hence make sure that it is put on to facilitate the selection by Tabbing , highlighting & clicking as is commonly used.

Also if the select by face tool is on, the selection becomes easier by just clicking on the face of the Panel.


Saving Tip in Revit

A good practice while working on Revit is to save the Revit file while on a 2D view before closing for the day, still better a Drafting view so that the file opens quickly next time.

It is observed it takes longer time to open when saved with the last view on 3D views/ shadows on/ realistic mode of display etc

Some of them also put instructions in the Drafting view for the next days work (while working across different locations)& save the file on this view before closing & sharing across workset or mail. This helps the Revit modeler to read first the instructions or updates when he opens the file to begin work for the day.