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3dsMax Workshop at School of Architecture, RIT


3dsmax workshop at SOA, RIT

The School of Architecture, RIT Bangalore hosted the 5 day Workshop ‘Visualization with 3dsMax’ from 7th to 11th Aug 2017.


Faculty experts:

Er. Aruna Gopal for 3dsMax

Ar. Karishma Susan and Guest speaker Ar.Misha B for tips on presentation skills.

The small group of enthusiastic students were made to go through quick basic modelling techniques with emphasis on creating organic shapes and skins of buildings using 3dsMax.

This was followed by rendering techniques and post processing tips and tricks to create rendered plans, sections and elevations including tips on creating Portfolios.

Thanks to the entire team that made it possible to make this workshop a success. Looking forward to seeing great designs come alive on 3dsMax by the attendees. Good luck to all. 


Rhino Workshop -‘Tensegrity’

6 x 3 web

Rhino Workshop -‘Tensegrity’

All excited to announce the final countdown to Rhino Workshop -‘Tensegrity’, 7-day workshop focussing on modelling with Rhino, Grasshopper and fabrication.

Einar Hler Einarsson and Shruthi Basappa from SEI, Iceland  will be conducting this 7-day intensive workshop at School of Architecture, MSRIT from 8th Feb to 14th Feb 2016. Students of 8th Semester are the enthusiastic participants.
Best Wishes to all participants!