Text Heights in AutoCAD

One of the common doubts a CAD drafter has is to know the Heights of the text to be used for different scales of plotting so that he has the texts readable & presented as required. Many just guess the height visually but most of the offices would have a chart to help them out quickly, here’s a tip for a beginner:

Text size in model space = Text size required in printout x Plot scale

For eg. If you want to keep the Text size to measure 5mm in the printed sheet plotted to a scale of 1:50 or 1=50mm, then in model space; Text size = 5 x 50 = 250mm.

If you are working in Feet & inches file, the procedure is similar.Multiply the inverse of ¬†plot scale by 12″ x height of Text required.

For eg To get a text height of 1/8″ on printed drawing sheet, plotted to a scale of 1/4″=1’0″¬†

Text height in Model space = (4″x12″)/8″= 6″,

Hence 6″ is required Text height in model space.