Revit 2014 – New Feature: Now add Material tag in 3D Locked view


Tag the 3D saved views with Material tag:Revit 2014-Material tag in 3D

1-Revit 2014-material tag in 3D 1. Go to 3D view

2-Revit 2014-material tag in 3D 2. Lock & save the 3D view with the Lock 3D tool in View control Bar

3. Go to Annotate Tab –> Material Tag--> If not loaded it will prompt you to load from the Library, Go to Annotation folder from the Library to locate the Material Tag if not loaded already

Else ,if already the Tag is loaded, directly start placing it in the view4-Revit 2014-material tag in 3D

4 This Material tag has the Material Description as the label, so whatever is set in the Description of the material in the Material editor that will appear in the Tag.

3-Revit 2014-material tag in 3D

5. Check the Description of the Material in the Material Editor by going to the browser through the Structure edit  in Type Property of the Element.8-Revit 2014-material tag in 3D


****Tips: You can change the Arrowhead style & type of arrow by selecting the tag—Type properties.