Revit to Lumion

Rendering on Revit has been always challenging for many of my students as applying materials to objects in Revit is not as simple as the paint bucket tool of SketchUp. So I see many opting other methods of rendering or choosing to work on another platform altogether. One such popular platform for rendering and animation is Lumion , among the students especially as it’s easy to use, quick to render, large library of foliage and other components, handles large area with ease, adds realism easily.

The struggle of doing all that’s mentioned above in 3dsMax or Maya is saved when Lumion is used. All that camera paths, rendering frame by frame overnight, having to depend on 3rd party plugins for trees and people like RPC, made these applications fit for professionals only, but Lumion has won the hearts of millions with its ease of use and realistic scenes that makes the presentations appealing.

Revit to Lumion is the way to go for rendering without stress. The plugin to export to Lumion is available here. 

More on it next post