AutoCAD Linetype scale variations

AutoCAD Lintetype Scale

AutoCAD Lintetype Scale






Does your Autocad Linetype scale vary in Model space and Layout space?

If your Linetype (eg Hidden type), is looking correct in Model space as seen above in first picture, but is not showing up in the layout space for any viewport scale(second pic), then follow these steps to resolve this issue.

  • Set¬†MSLTSCALE = 1
  • Set PSLTSCALE =0
  • LTSCALE =1(Do not change this)
  • Make sure you give the LTscale values in the properties box for the selected objects with linetype.
  • Go to model space and regenerate.
  • Best practice is to keep the Modelspace scale as 1:1

    AutoCAD Lintetype Scale

Doing this setting will retain the Linetype Scale in Layout space viewports irrespective of  any viewport scale given




Autocad How To Change Linetype Scale

LTS is the command to change the Autocad Linetype Scale globally. If we change this value, all Linetypes in the drawing gets updated together.

Autocad How To Change Linetype Scale on only one object and keep other Linetypes in same scale?

* Just select the object to which you want to change the Linetype scale

* Go to its properties(Cntrl +1), select the Linetype Scale and change the value…This will change the scale only for the selected objects & other Linetypes will remain same.