Folded Roofs in Revit – Part 1


roofs-1Creating sloped roofs in Revit has been one of the WOW features I always loved. In this series lets learn how to create a Folded roof Octagonal in shape, as shown in one the roofs above

1. Start by selecting Roof– By Footprint– This gets you to sketch modeRevit folded roof-1

2. Use the polygon option & set the sides to 8 & check off the define slopes option.Draw the octagon of required size.

Revit folded roof-2


3. Zoom in to one of the corner of the octagon & create a offset as shown & assign define slope to the two offset lines(select the lines—check on the define slope option).Repeat this to all the other corners & finish the roof.(click on the check sign under Mode panel)

Revit folded roof-3



  • Use trim to trim off extra lines
  • The offset lines should be as small as possible in length.

Watch the finished roof take shape like this

Revit folded roof-4