Wrongly saved Revit Project file(.rvt) as Template file(.rte)….How to correct it?

Here’s  a situation that happened unknowingly to a new user: The user is working on a large scale Revit project, excited on the first Revit work...did a lot of work.. time to send the file to the client…Sent!! Back comes the client  reply PLEASE SEND .RVT FILE NOT TEMPLATE FILE.

Only then the user realized he had sent a ‘ .rte’ file. Tried save as…no options to save as .rvt! Lot of modeling work is already done on the .rte file…How to save the work as Project file(.rvt)?What went wrong?

Eg. Filename of project worked on Project XXX.rte

1. First , save & close the file.

2. Start a new project by clicking on Application menu –new–Project—now select from Create new *Project—browse the folder & select the worked file  Project XXX.rte

3. Once the file is open, save the file..Your .. Project XXX.rte file is now  Project XXX.rvt check in explorer the file extension to confirm.

What had gone wrong??

When starting a new Project , you accidentally clicked create –new Project template instead of new Project which is why it continued to save as .rte.

This option is used to create custom template files so that it is easier & faster to work with preloaded families, styles of texts, dimensions, sheets etc.

17-10-2013 rte to rvt